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Ethnic Studies Minor Requirements

1.   The minor in Ethnic Studies consists of 24-quarter units.

2.   At least half of the units must be from upper division courses (300- or 400-level).

3.   At least half of the units must be taken at Cal Poly.*

4.   No more than one-third of the courses can be Credit/No Credit (CR/NC), except for courses that have mandatory CR/NC grading.

5.   A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in all units counted for completion of the minor.

6.   The minor must be completed prior to, or at the same time as, the requirements for the bachelor's degree.

*Units transferred from another school or university may be accepted towards the minor, based upon approval of the Department Chair.


The 24 quarter units that comprise the Ethnic Studies minor are broken into two main categories, core courses (12 quarter units) and approved elective courses to supplement the core courses (12 quarter units).  The approved elective courses are chosen with advisor assistance, from a wide variety of courses from across the University.  For full course descriptions, please refer to the Cal Poly Catalog


Core Courses (12)                                                                                   Units

ES 112 Race, Culture, & Politics in the U.S.  (D1)                                 4  

ES 212 Global Origins of United States Cultures (D3) or

ES 241 Survey of Indigenous Studies (D3) or

ES 242 Survey of Africana Studies (D3) or

ES 243 Survey of Latino/a Studies (D3) or

ES 244 Survey of Asian American Studies (D3)                                     4

ES 320 African American Cultural Images (D5) or

ES 321 Native American Cultural Images (D5) or

ES 322 Asian American Cultural Images (D5) or

ES 323 Mexican American Cultural Images (D5) or

ES 340 Cultural Production and Ethnicity (C4) or

ES 380 Critical Race Theory (D5) or

ES 381 The Social Construction of Whiteness (D5)                               4

Approved Electives (12)

At least 8 of these units must be upper division (300-400)               12

Total Quarter Units                                                                                  24



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