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C.T. Aradanas

Lecturer, M.A. Ethnic Studies

Areas of Interest

  • the Nakba, and the racist invisibility of the Nakba on a national level in America:  through our politicians (both Republicans AND Democrats);  through the supposedly "liberal" Hollywood media;  and through the supposedly "liberal" news media
  • the 2016-present racist effort by both Republican and Democrat politicians (including on a mayoral level here on the Central Coast, as well as in Sacramento and Capitol Hill) to outlaw - indirectly - divestment and boycotts as powerful non-violent expressions of Constitutionally-protected free speech:  tools which were essential in the Civil Rights and anti-apartheid movements
  • political struggles of indigenous peoples in the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and present-day U.S. colonies and territories)
  • Asian America, especially in the post-9/11 era
  • Filipin@-American History, with a close examination of the Philippine-American War
  • the radical origins of Ethnic Studies, including the Black Power movement in the Bay Area

Contact Information

About C.T. Aradanas

C.T. Aradanas, the son of Philippine natives, grew up on the Central Coast - a native of Lompoc and a graduate of Lompoc Senior High School, Class of 1980.  His undergraduate studies were at the University of Southern California, and his graduate work was at U.C. San Diego.  His work background includes helping refugees from U.S.-supported dictatorships obtain political asylum in the United States, monitoring F.B.I. treatment of Muslim U.S. citizens in the Pacific Northwest in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and publicizing the impacts of corporate overfishing in the North Pacific upon small fisherfolk, such as indigenous Alaskan communities.  His published articles for the U.S. Government dealt with applied anthropology research he co-conducted in remote parts of Alaska, one of his favorite places on earth.  This is a photo of him with his now-late mother, in Lompoc on Mother’s Day 2014.   



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