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Why get a minor?

Acquire expertise or let your passions work for you.

Whether you intend to pursue graduate education or to enter the work world immediately following graduation, you may wish to customize your undergraduate education to acquire expertise in fields that blend with your major, or just express an additional interest or passion. Having one or more minor(s) will help you stand out from other graduates with your major.

How do I develop expertise outside of my major?

Cal Poly offers a number of minors that will appear on your transcript if you complete the requirements. These requirements are listed in the Cal Poly Catalog. In addition to minors, Cal Poly also offers certificate programs in a variety of ares, such as Teaching English as a Second Language and technical communication, which is designed for careers in technical writing, information development, or business communication.

Will a minor or certificate program slow my progress toward graduation?

Most liberal arts majors offer students a number of free electives and/or advisor-approved electives that will accommodate some or all of the units for a minor.

The Ethnic Studies Department offers two minors: in Ethnic Studies and in Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment

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