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Ethnic Studies in Hawai‘i Program in Summer 2024

ES and EPaCE in Hawai'i Program and Courses Information 

ES 322: Asian Americans in Popular Culture and ES 340: Cultural Production and Ethnicity--Pacific Islander Studies offered in hawai'i, summer 2024

The Ethnic Studies in Hawai'i program is a 5-week, 8-unit immersive academic experience in Honolulu during Summer 2024. In this program, students will be challenged to re-think popular ideas about the Hawaiian Islands through a consideration of how the colonial circumstances in Hawaiʻi shape the experiences of Native Hawaiians and the diverse communities that live there today. The program includes service-learning opportunities through the University of Hawaiʻi, field trips to learn about Native Hawaiian history and representation, Hula and ‘Ori Tahiti dance workshops, and guest lectures by Hawaiʻi-based scholars. The required courses include ES 322, Asian Americans in Popular Culture and ES 340, Cultural Production and Ethnicity--Pacific Islander Studies. 

This program will be led by Dr. Ryan Buyco,, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at Cal Poly. The program fulfills GE Upper Division C & D requirements. 


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