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Ethnic Studies Alumni Connections

Ethnic Studies is defined as an interdisciplinary discipline that focuses on issues of culture, race, language, the arts, history, and social structures and ideologies, as well as matters of science, technology, environmental sustainability, class, gender, and sexualities. It is a discipline that proceeds from the belief that the human condition is gloriously diverse and complex. 

Ethnic Studies is also interdisciplinary by nature. The mission is, then, both as a discipline and a social movement. 

In a polytechnic university, Ethnic Studies endeavors to humanize and thicken the ingredients of scientific method, process, and ends.

In addition, Ethnic Studies seeks to reconcile the cultures of science, humanities, and the liberal arts. To this end, ES is an integral and synthesizing part of any student's education. 

The students who pursue Ethnic Studies embody the discipline's tradition, often linking fields of study and areas of interest in the pursuit of a transformative education. 

As a result, our alumni have gone on to various areas of graduate study including: Med school, graduate programs in American Studies, Religion, Environmental Studies, Psychology/Counseling, Public Policy, Education, etc. and careers as: teachers, lawyers, social workers, nurses, etc. 

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