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Devon Buddan (2012) – Med School

Devon Buddan (2012), med school Studying Ethnic Studies as an undergraduate solidified my decision to dedicate myself to healthcare and underserved communities. 

Although the effects of poor health from lack of resources, racism, sexism and classism were devastating to learn about, I was eager to find my place in the solution. 

Ethnic Studies provided a framework for the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors required to provide the best care to a diverse population.  I learned about people from different ethnicities and how their beliefs, backgrounds and experiences required a tailored approach and knowledge in order to gain respect and provide quality health care. 

Moreover, my studies offered institutional explanations, such as food deserts and gentrification, for health disparities prevalent in communities of color and low-come communities. Ethnic Studies laid the foundation for understanding healthcare and my place as a future healthcare professional.

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