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The senior project/thesis in Comparative Ethnic Studies represents the culmination of  a student's experiences as a major in the field of Ethnic Studies. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to investigate, research and study a topic of  interest either through a comparative project or through a project specifically focused  on an area of interest to Indigenous, African, Asian, Latino/a groups, or other topic appropriate and approved by the faculty advisor. Thesis/projects will vary according  to disciplines and interests.

For example, a senior thesis/project might include:

  • Expanded research paper in literature, history, politics, law or other areas  critical to Ethnic Studies scholarship:
  • Creative and/or research projects including social science/ ethnic studies  research, portfolio, DVD or other electronic submission formats as designated  by the library, and supplemented with a write-up of the project;
  • Community-based projects may include research and/or activities designed to support and increase awareness of issues of equity, politics, race and/or  ethnicity in our communities, and include a written document of use to the community and that can be stored in the library;
  • A combination of the above as guided by your advisor.

Each student will work with a faculty advisor to determine a thesis topic and/or  project. Faculty presentations on topic ideas will be made during each quarter, and students may want to build on these ideas and interests. Topics can also be found by reviewing previously completed senior projects or masters theses housed in the library, reading journal articles, listening to research presentations at professional  conferences, or through completed course work.

Senior Project Objectives for Students:
  • To select a topic in which you have sufficient interest to pursue to completion;
  • To develop a creative project and/or paper that demonstrates extensive research, thought and attention to the topic;
  • To identify a project that is of importance to the field of Ethnic Studies and that represents an awareness of and sensitivity to the challenges and problems  that confront minority groups in society;
  • To provide a final product that reflects a synthesis of knowledge important to Ethnic Studies scholarship that will serve as a record and provide examples of  work for Comparative Ethnic Studies majors in the future.

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