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Tentative Course Offerings 2017-18

Please consult this list of Tentative Courses Offerings for the coming academic year and the Registration and Enrollment tab of the Cal Poly Portal for information on class schedules for this and upcoming quarters.

Ethnic Studies Department Course Descriptions and Information

 2017-19 Cal Poly Catalog - Comparative Ethnic Studies 

 2017-19 Cal Poly Catalog - Course Descriptions-ES

Course GE Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
ES 112  D1, USCP Razi, Jenell Navarro, Lamoree Lamoree, Razi  
ES 114 USCP   Jenell Navarro  
ES 200        
ES 212 D3, USCP      
ES 215
(Crosslisted as CRP)
ES 241 D3, USCP      
ES 242 D3, USCP Macmillan Razi, Macmillan  
ES 243 D3, USCP Jose Navarro, Rodrigues    
ES 244  D3, USCP Yeh Yeh  
ES 300 C4, USCP   Valle  
ES 308
(Crosslisted as NR)
ES 310 D5, USCP   Jenell Navarro  
ES 320 D5, USCP Razi Macmillan  
ES 321 D5, USCP      
ES 322  D5, USCP Yeh    
ES 323  D5, USCP Jose Navarro Rodrigues  
ES 325  USCP      
ES 326 (Crosslisted as ARCH) C4, USCP      
ES 330 D5, USCP Aradanas    
ES 335 D5, USCP   Yeh  
ES 340 (Topic: Africana Studies C4      
ES 340 (Topic: The Caribbean) C4      
ES 340 (Topic: Indigenous Studies) C4   Martin  
ES 340 (Topic: Latino/a Studies) C4   Jose Navarro  
ES 345 D5, USCP Lehr    
ES 350
(Crosslisted as WGS)
F, USCP Macmillan, Carrigan Carrigan  
ES 351
(Crosslisted as WGS)
ES 360 C4, USCP   Martin  
ES 380 D5, USCP   Razi  
ES 381  D5, USCP      
ES 390 *  

Jenell Navarro

ES 400        
ES 406 (NEW) (Crosslisted as NR)        
ES 410        
ES 450 *     Jose Navarro  
ES 461 *       Staff
ES 470        
Total Sections        
    * These courses are part of the Comparative Ethnic Studies Senior Project sequence.
(last updated 9-7-17)

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