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Apply to Be an INRE Minor

Students interested in pursuing the Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment  (INRE) minor should contact the Natural Resources Management and Environmental Science Department office (805-756-2702, building 11, room 217) and complete an Application for Admission to the INRE Minor which indicates student background. 

Students are invited to discuss informally their potential interest in the minor with either Dr. Priya Verma 756-2773 in the Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences (NRES) Department or Dr. Kate Martin 756-2827 in the Ethnic Studies (ES) Department.

Upon acceptance to the minor, the applicant will be informed by email and assigned a faculty advisor.  The recommended program, or changes in the agreed program, requires the approval of the designated faculty advisor and the department head of NRES or the ES department chair.  Units transferred from another school or university may be accepted towards the minor, based upon the recommendation of the advisor and acceptance by the faculty. 

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