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Gabriel Soldatenko

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Philosophy

Pronouns: he/him/his

Areas of Interest

  • Latinx Studies
  • Latin American Philosophy 
  • Critical Social Theory

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About Gabriel Soldatenko

Dr. Soldatenko received his PhD in Philosophy from SUNY Binghamton's interdisciplinary Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture program, and specializes in Latinx Studies, Latin American philosophy, and critical social theory. His work focuses on the concept of coloniality and its application to understanding the Latinx experience. Broadly, this means a concern for both the analysis and critique of domination in the U.S., and the varied forms of survival and resistance that Latinx communities have deployed in that context. More concretely, Soldatenko's work pays special attention to criminalization and everyday life in the barrios of Los Angeles as a unique site for thinking about coloniality, resistance, and survival.  


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