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Yolanda Tiscareño

Yolanda Tiscareño

Administrative Support Coordinator

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About Yolanda Tiscareño

Yolanda Tiscareño has been with the Ethnic Studies Department since the first month of its inception in January 1992. She has seen it all - been there, done that - as the department transformed and evolved through its various stages, from virtually nothing, zilch (no faculty and, more importantly, no furniture!) to its current state, with a new department chair, an A-Team of full- and part-time faculty, and the largest collection of ES minor students since the dawn of the department's origin. Ms. Tiscareño has been with Cal Poly for nearly 36, yes, 36 years! (Rumor has it she started working here when she was 5 years old.)

Prior to joining Ethnic Studies, she worked in various other areas on campus: the Kennedy Library, the President's Office, and the Cal Poly Foundation. And, if you ever find yourself passing by our department office, please drop by and say hello and take a careful look at the American Indian photographs hanging on the wall. There's a fascinating - if not astounding - story about their origins. (A word of caution, however - remember what happened to the curious cat?)

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